Saturday, July 22, 2006


Ella has transitioned to her "Big Girl Bed" and she loves it. The first night she woke up several times but never asked for her crib. She has been in her bed for about 2 weeks and seems to love it. Here is a photo from her second night sleeping in her bed. Now, potty training........somehow I don't think that will happen in a day!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Weekend at the lake

Last weekend Stephen's Dad came down from KY and we all went to the lake with Stephen's family for the weekend. We all had such a nice time and Ella really enjoyed everyone. She loved the sprinkler, blow up pool, and of course the trees. She has started climbing up trees. She wants to climb on anything and jump off of everything. We certainly have our hands full all of the time. We celebrated Ella's 2nd birthday there. She got so many nice things: books, clothes, nemo chair, princess chair, potty seat, bubbles, toys a blow up pool and lots more. She had a wonderful time. We went Saturday night down the road for a fire works show and Ella was scared at first and then within 30 seconds, she was asleep. She just couldn't hang on any longer. We came back Sunday afternoon and Charles (Stephen's Dad) stayed with us and left Monday morning. He had a wonderful time with her and we all had a great weekend. Thanks Robbie and Bob for a great weekend at your place. Thanks Mary Kay for the great meals! Thanks to everyone for making Ella's birthday special and all the wonderful gifts!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Ella's Birthday June 29, 2006

I can hardly believe it was 2 years ago I was a week over due and felt like the Michelin Man. Then at 12:26am the Dr. said "it looks like a girl". I could not believe my ears as I was convinced I was having a boy. I was so happy to have my girl. At times I still look at Stephen and say "I can't believe we have a girl". She is my whole world and I can't imagine life without her nor can I really remember what life was like before she came. I know it was a lot quieter and less expensive that's for sure but I wouldn't change it for any peace and quiet or any amount of money!!! Last Sunday June 25th my Mom, Dad, Aunt Ricki and Uncle Ron came over to celebrate and we had a little cookout. Ella opened her gifts up and enjoyed everything. She loves her Dora video she got from Ricki and Ron, and also her pig/hippo/zebra flashlight from Dad (we can't really figure out what animal it is). She got new sheets for her first big girl bed. We sang happy birthday to her but I walked in the room starting to sing it and started out singing "A,B,C" and then realized it was the wrong song. Well, she is 2 and can sing her ABC's all the way through so obviously we sing that a lot!! She knew exactly what to do with the candle, she blew it right out. We had a very nice time. Thursday Stephen's Dad came from KY and stayed with us. He enjoyed spending time with Ella. Friday we all went to Robbie and Bob's (Stephen's sister and her husband) lake house and Stephen's other sister Mary Kay and her husband Chip came also. We spent Friday-Sunday at lake Murray. We all had a wonderful time with food, food, and more food and lots of laughs. Ella got so many nice birthday gifts. A Nemo chair, blow up pool, several outfits, a princess chair, bubbles, a bikini, potty seat, shoes, books, toy puppy, college money, toy stroller, watering can, and lots of other gifts. She had a very very nice birthday!!! Saturday she played in her new pool and climbed up the trees. We went to see a big fire works display at the lake. At first Ella got a little scared and within 30 seconds she was fast asleep. She had a long day and just couldn't hang on even for fire works. We came home Sunday and Monday Stephen's Dad left to return to KY. It was a wonderful weekend and Ella had a perfect 2nd birthday. Thanks to everyone for all the gifts and for loving Ella so much. Seeing how much she is loved by everyone on both sides of the family brings that much more joy to being a parent! I will post photos of her birthday celebrations soon.

Until next time, Holly