Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Happy and You Know It

The other day I told Ella that I loved her and she sweetly said "I lub you tooooo" and I said "Oh, you make me so happy." Ella replied, "If you Happy, know it, cap a hand!"

Saturday, December 16, 2006

December Updates

Well a lot has gone on since the last post. We had a great Thanksgiving. I had Mom, Dad, Aunt Ricki and Uncle Ron here on Thanksgiving day. We all had a wonderful time and too much food as always. Then on Sunday Stepen's Sisters and their husbands came over for dinner. We had a great time with them as well. A week later was the Holiday Fair at the Greenville Expo center. This is something that I really enjoy every year. It's a huge arts, crafts etc expo. Mom wasn't feeling up to going and so she kept Ella for me and Dad said he would go. I would have never thought that Dad and I would share such a wonderful time together at a craft fair but it was a perfect day. We talked a lot and laughed more and looked at all the diffenet things for sale. Not many people can say that they spent the day with their Dad at a craft fair! Anyway, we have been getting shopping done and spending time with Ella. She and I have battled being sick off an on the past few weeks. But other than that we are all fine. Ella helped us decorate the tree she enjoyed it, and to my suprise, she really hasn't touched the tree much. We have only had 2 ornament casualities. I think she is getting excited, but she really doens't understand what is going on yet. She know who santa is and says HO HO HO, but I don't think she quite gets it that next week she will have presents to open etc. I think next year she will definitly get it and we will probably miss this time that she doesn't. We can still have presents for her in our spare room just covered up in a corner. It will be the last year for that certainly!!! Well some sad news: Stephen's Mother Kay is a diabetic and has other health issues. She is in and out of the hospital several times a year. On December 7th she had a severe stroke. For about a week she was in ICU and not given much hope but she has taken a turn for the better and is in her own room. She has a long long way to go but she is improving and we are just so thankful. I will update again after Christmas.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!
Holly, Stephen and Ella