Tuesday, May 05, 2009

What's New

Have mercy, I have not posted much lately. Just life.....busy busy busy!!! It isn't slowing down for me that is for sure. We are all doing pretty well. Stephen has been so busy at the University getting ready for graduation. Glad when that is over and his schedule slows down a bit. I can't complain, his schedule is pretty good and only a few times a year does it call for longer hours. They are always understanding if he needs to adjust his schdule for a Dr. appointment or when I am traveling and he needs to take Ella to school. Speaking of miss thing, she is just getting bigger and growning up so fast. It's unbelieveable that she is almost 5 years old, just over a month from now. She has done really well with her first year of school and likes it. Last week we had a Mommy / Ella day. I have been away so much traveling and taking Alex to Dr. appointments she needed a special girl day. We did some shopping and went to a pottery shop and painted and the day is not complete without Chuck E. Cheese!! She is enjoying having a baby brother more and more. She is interacting with him more now because he laughs at her and gives her attention which she just eats up. He is "her baby" and she is very protective over him. She got a hair cut the other day and it's her first real style. It's a little short in the back and just a little longer in the front. I wasn't sur how she would react to shorter hair but she loves it and couldn't wait to show everyone at school. Well, Alex has just turned 7 months is 18 lbs and 27". It's hard to believe he is 7 months old already. Here are some things he is doing now:
* started rolling over in March and rolls all over now
* sits up unassisted
* Says "Da Da", "Mum Mum" "ba ba" and a lot of other cute sounds
* waves bye bye
* on the verge of crawling, he gets up on all fours rocks and scoots his little legs
and gets up on his feet but doesn't know what to do
* Is eating stage 2 foods but still NO Teeth!!
* loves his jump-a-roo and goes crazy especially early in the morning when I walk in
the room, I think he is going to bounce himself right out of the thing.
* loves to watch Ella and laughs out loud whenever she is around
* still sleeps all night 7:30pm-6am

Travel is getting ready to pick back up for me. I leave Friday for Winnipeg and return on Sunday. I will be home a week and then go to Toronto for 3 days home a week and then to the Ukraine from June 5-12th and then to Prague from the 13th-17th. I will be home a couple of days and then off to the beach for a much needed family vacation.

Alex is getting an MRI today and on Monday we will go to Charleston to meet with the Intervention Radiologist to discuss the best treatment for Alex. I am posting most of his medical information on www.caringbridge.org/visit/alexhoward