Monday, June 30, 2008

Ella 4th Birthday

Ella had a wonderful 4th birthday this past weekend. We had a pink princess party and she really enjoyed it. She got lots of presents and attention!!! Mom, Dad, Ricki and Ron came from my family and Stephen's sisters Robbie and Mary Kay and her husband Chip came as well. We missed not having my brother and his family there as well as Robbie's husband Bob. Ella enjoyed her day but it's hard to believe that my little baby girl is 4 years old already! I can't believe that time goes by so fast, and she will be in 4K school this fall. She is growing up fast!!! Thanks to everyone for coming to the party and for all the great presents!


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dr. Appt - 25 Weeks

I went to the Dr. yesterday and all is well. The baby's heartbeat was in the 150's and my blood pressure was great at 100/60. Hope that keeps up! They gave me the all clear to travel to the Ukraine on July 4th. I do go back to the Dr. June 30th for a final check and to do some standard tests. From here on out I will have appointments every 2 weeks. I can't believe I am at that point already. Last weekend my parents came over on Saturday and got a lot done. Stephen and Dad put up a swing set for Ella's birthday on June 29th, which she loves. Mom and I got the baby's room set up with the furniture and an area rug. Mom took all the neutral infant clothes we had for Ella home with her to go through and wash. So we are getting closer to being ready. I just have to start buying little things here and there like diapers, wipes, bottles, bibs etc. I guess we have everything else we need. I am really looking forward to having this baby. With Ella I think I was so terrified because I had no idea how to be a Mom or what to expect. So I think I am a little more calm and excited with this baby. I mean I was excited to have Ella but it is scary with your first as you have no idea what it's really like until you experience it. I think I will feel better once I get back from the Ukraine and I can really concentrate on all the final touches with the baby's room and getting the things I need.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Beach 2008

We went to the beaach with my parents all last week. Stephen stayed back at home because he was training for a bike race. We had a wonderful time and Ella loved the ocean, no fear of it at all! It was a great week to just relax. We spent a couple hours in the morning and afternoon at the beach most days. On Monday we took Ella to the Acquarium at Ft. Fisher and she loved it. On Wednesday we took the ferry over to Southport and visited the farmers market, christmas shop and had our traditional hot dog at the Trolly Stop. Other than that we didn't do much else except get doughnuts from Britts just about every day. Thursday night they had fireworks on the boardwalk but we could see them from the front of our cottage so that was nice too. All too soon it was time to pack up and come home. It was nice to get home though, me and Ella missed Stephen.

Everything is going well with the pregnancy. The baby is kicking a lot more and a lot harder now! I am 24 weeks and have my c/s scheduled on September 24th. It will be here before I know it. Hard to believe!!

In 3 1/2 weeks (July 4th) I leave for the Ukraine. I am so excited to go but know that it will be tiring. I will return on July 12th. I am going for work to help with some camps there. We will fly into Amsterdam and then to Budapest and drive from there to the Ukraine. On the way back we will have a day in Budapest to tour the city so that will be nice too. Looking forward to getting there just not the traveling part!!!

Well, I am really proud of Stephen. He completed the bike race the Assult on Mt. Mitchell yesterday in 100 degree heat. It was 103 miles and went to the top of Mt. Mitchell which is the highest peak east of the Mississippi. I can't even imagine. He said it was brutal, he was glad he did it but was really glad it was over!!! Over 1000 cyclists from all over the country come to participate in the race. We are really proud of him!!!!