Friday, July 13, 2007


Ella turned 3 on June 29th. The week before her birthday Stephen's Dad and Dorane came down. We all went to Robbie and Bob's lake house and spent the night. We got up on Saturday and went to the zoo. It was so much fun and Ella loved it especially the elephants. BUT, it was so HOT I thought we were all going to melt. We spent more time sitting in the shade, going to the gift shops, getting water and ice cream than we did seeing the animals. Ella didn't mind she loved it all. We had a cookout and a DORA party for Ella the next day at our house. We also had another party with my family. Ella got cute clothes, a shoe to learn to tie with, golf clubs, a vacuum, money, a birdhouse from Aunt Ricki and Uncle Ron and a lot of other fun things. It was a good time. The next week we made cup cakes to take for her party at day care and as you can see with the photos, it was messy and fun!!! Now she thinks that every day is her birthday! We finally finished her room by putting up the chair rail. I have to really give credit to Dad and Stephen for that. It looks like a little girls room now and she loves it. We are getting so excited about going to the beach in 2 weeks. Ella doesn't really understand the beach yet but is talking about it. She will have so much fun. We didn't take a vacation last year so Stephen and I are REALLY looking forward to it!! We are going with Mom and Dad. I am so thankful that they go every year and don't mind us tagging along.

**No news on the baby front. I finished 1 month on clomid and will start another round in a few days. We are still hopeful....