Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No Pink Cookies!!!

The other night Stephen was getting Ella ready for bed. I came in the room and it was a total disaster. I told Ella that she had a messy room and needed to clean it up. She was not happy with that at all. So I told her that tomorrow after school if she came home and cleaned her room I would give her one of the pink frosted cookies that she had been wanting all evening that I wouldn't let her have because it was too close to bed. She stopped and pondered this, and then said "Mommy, I don't think I want a pink cookie". Figures!

Alex is doing fine, he got his 4 month shots the other day and did ok other than not having much of an appetite. He is growing so fast, he is 15.9lbs and 27". I introduced him to the exersaucer this week and he loves it!! He is now reaching for things and putting them in his mouth. He grabs for my nose and loves to grab my hair. He has great head control but is still a ways off from sitting up. He goes back for his next Dr. visit at the Children's Hospital in late Feb. about his Cystic Hygroma, which seems to be doing fine. He is not bothered by it but it is definitly getting bigger. I just hope that it's growth will be slow enough to wait until he one and they will do the treatment then.

Stephen and I are fine, we have all been sick and Stephen is just now getting better from being sick AGAIN. We are doing fine with our jobs and thankful that ours are secure. It's so scary out there right now. I have just moved from the upstairs of the building to the downstairs. I liked it upstairs as it was quiet and our group was a little secluded. Down here it's a little louder and definitly colder!!! BUT, I sit by the window that over looks trees and the I can't complain about the view!!! It really is beautiful.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

One year ago....

One year ago today I took a pregnancy test expecting the same result that I had for over a year. But this time was different, positive, I couldn't believe it an actual positive....Alex was forming. What an amazing feeling, I wish I could live that moment over again, that first realization that I was in fact going to have another baby after finally coming to the realization that it probably was not going to happen. It wasn't the easiest of pregnancies but I'd gladly do it all over again. We had no idea if it was a boy or a girl but we both (as well as most everyone) felt it was a boy. The Dr. let Stephen tell me and I will never forget that moment in time, hearing Stephen say, "it's a boy, we have a son" the most beautiful beautiful as hearing the Dr. say "it's a girl" when we had Ella. It's still hard to believe that it has been a year since that positive test.

Well we are all finally better, we have all been sick (except for Ella)just about since Christmas. We are all doing much better. Alex had his first sickness, double ear infection. He handled it well, a couple days of fever and more fussy than normal but he is doing great. We go for his 4 month shots next week, that is never fun but he did really well with the last set of shots so I hope he does as well. Alex is just growing up so much. He is now really wanting to sit up, he's not quite there yet but he's trying. He is now grabbing things and putting them in his mouth. He knows his name and knows it as soon as mommy or daddy comes into the room. He loves to watch Ella and she loves him so much. She just loves to give him kisses and show him toys and how to play. It's really cute and she is such a great big sister. I am so blessed by both of my children!