Monday, August 14, 2006

Weekend Get-Away

Stephen and I went away for the weekend to Georgia. We have not done that for a very long time. Mom and Dad kept Ella for us. Friday we drove to Rome, GA to spend some time at Berry College where I graduated from. The above photo is from one of the dorms I lived in for awhile at Berry. Some has changed but it was still like going back home. I told Stephen all the memories I had and he did a great job pretending that it was so very interesting! We really did have a great time and Berry is so beautiful. Deer are always around the campus and we saw at least 50. Saturday afternoon we headed to Clayton, GA where Stephen's Aunt and Uncle live and spent the night with them. It was really nice and we enjoyed them. His Uncle keeps bees so we saw his hives and all his blueberry bushes which are more like trees at 10' tall! I couldn't help picking them and eating them off the vine, nothing better! Sunday we spent some time with them in the morning and left around noon. We got home around 4 and Mom was at the house with Ella. It was a wonderful weekend away but it's so nice to come home. I missed Ella, and I think she missed us. Maybe she was getting back at us for leaving because I noticed she was quiet in the kitchen and went in and she had colored on the kitchen floor. So she got a time out for that and she thought her life was coming to an end. Sitting in a chair for a few minutes was torture. She was sweet after time out though and told me she would be a good girl and she was sorry. So hard to dicipline when they look at you with huge round eyes filled with tears. Anyway, she learned her lesson, for now anyway......there's always tomorrow!!


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

August Already???

It's hard to believe that it's August. If it wasn't 100 degrees outside I would think it should still be June! We are all well and happy. Ella continues to grow and say new things all the time. She has learned to blow her nose which is great! She twirls her hair when she is drinking from her sippy and tired so that has lead to little hair knots to try to get out each morning. Usually I can pull most of it apart and what I can't I just have to cut it out. So far you can't tell. Nothing else is really going on right now. Stephen's job is going well and after 8 or 9 years, of steering clear of bees, Stephen has been stung close to 16 times this summer. Twelve of those were at one time but the others were freak stings, riding on his bike or mowing the lawn. He is allergic and has to be very careful but thankfully none of them were too bad other than the 12 stings at once. With those he was really hurting and swollen. I have had a good but uneventful summer so far. Work is going really well. It has only 3 1/2 months but it seems like much longer. I love what I do and know that God has put me there for a reason and it is amazing! We have had some friends move back to the area recently, Jason and Kimberly. Actually they knew Stephen first and Jason was in our wedding. They moved back from Charleston a few months ago and they have 3 daughers: Megan 5, Katie 3, and Lauren 1. We have had them over and vice versa. It is so nice to have friends with kids close. We really enjoy them so much and Ella just loves playing with them too. Well I will close for now until my next update. Hopefully something a little more exciting!