Monday, September 18, 2006

I like a de monkeys!

We have been busy the past month going here and there but never seeming to get much done. Ella has gone to the zoo the past two weekends. Mom and Dad took her to the Greenville zoo 2 weeks ago and this past weekend the three of us went to Hollywild. She loved it! She kept saying "I like a da monkeys" "I like a da elpants" she had a great time and so did me Mom and Dad. It's just a joy to see the wonder in her eyes and that smile on her face. Stephen had a busy weekend too. He rode in a charity event for MS. He rode his bike from Columbia to North Myrtle Beach in two days. We are very proud of him. He did great, a little sore and tired but overall it was a fantastic experience. He raised a little over $200 for MS so it was all for a great cause. Not much else is going on right now. Work for both of us is going well. Upward just moved into our new building and it is really nice. It overlooks water and is in a wooded area. It's really nice. Well I will have to post later and try to post more photos soon.