Thursday, March 22, 2007

Brag on Ella Day

Well I can't help to just be a proud Momma today. I was just thinking how much Ella is growing up so fast and she is so smart. I can't believe that she will be 3 in June! She has known her ABC's,her colors, and numbers to 20 for over a year now, an she knows all of her shapes including an octagon. She can sing every song imangineable. Sometimes she is too smart for her own good and she tests us. Like whenever she asks for milk and we bring it to her in her sippy she checks to make sure its milk before she drinks it. The sippy is colored so you can't tell what is inside so she looks at the bottom to see what is in it before she will drink it. She is such a joy and I just love her so much I can't even explain it.



Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Potty Trained!!!!!!!!!

Well I am seriously lacking in the blogging department. All is going pretty well. Ella is great and fully potty trained! We are all happy about that. She only wears a diaper at night and pull ups if we are going to be out and about for the day. Other than that she is in big girl pants. She is doing really really well and no accidents. Stephen is doing well and enjoying the weather getting warmer which means more time on his bike. I am fine and gearing up for traveling season for work. I won't travel too much about 1-2 times a month through July. But I like to travel and meet people. I will enjoying meeting people from our churches, and those I talk to on the phone all the time. Stephen's mother, Kay has been in a nursing home but was taken to the hospital the other day for an infection. We hope that she has a quick recovery and can go back to the nursing home soon. Stephen had a birthday on the 7th. And bless his heart, when I made the cake I made the number of his age, but when he looked at it he said what is that? I told him it was his age, and he said well that doesn't look like a 33......I put 37 which is how old I will be next month................:)

Until next time,