Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Latest Dr. Report

We went to the Dr. yesterday and had our ultra sound. Everything was normal and looked great. We got to see the baby move around a lot and several photos. We have one where you can see the side of the head and then it's whole leg up in the air with the toes touching the top of the head. It's really cute. I am 21 weeks and feeling really good. Stephen is taking Ella to Ky. tomorrow and I will fly up and meet them on Friday. Then the next Saturday, I will be going to the beach with Mom and Dad and taking Ella. Stephen will be staying home that week :( I am looking forward to the week at the beach and I know Ella will have a great time!


Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Video Link of Ella


The Bad, The Good, The Awesome, The Bad and Good

The Bad: Two weeks ago on April 23rd, I was on my way to my Dr. appointment. I was stopped at a light and the next thing I knew, BAM!!! A girl hit me from behind. I called 911 and told them and she asked if I was hurt. I told her I didn't think so but the seat belt got me on my belly and I am pregnant. Well next thing I know 3 fire trucks, 2 EMS, and about 6 cops show up in a matter of minutes. I called my Dr. to see if he wanted me to go with EMS to the hospital or to go and see him first. He said to come in his office after we get done with the police and he would check me.

The Good: All was fine with the baby. The heart rate was up but that was just because I was stressed. The Dr. was fine with how everything was going.

The Awesome: The girl who hit me, her insurance called me (Geico) and set up an appointment a few days later for me to have my car repaired. I took it in and it would be about a week, they had a rental car waiting for me.....a 2008 Red Mustang. Now I am not a Mustang kind of girl, but it sure was fun to drive for a week. Not so much fun getting a 3 1/2 year old in and out of the back but still fun. I got my car back yesterday and it looks as good as new. I have to give Geico credit, they made a frustrating, stressful situation a really good experience with no stress at all!!

The Bad and Good: The day before I had to take the Mustang back and get my car, I was in a drive-thru waiting to order and the next thing I knew, BAM! I got hit from beind AGAIN!! The good news, it was just a bump so no damage at all. But still, can you believe.....hit twice in less than 2 weeks!!!

Other than all that,things are going well. Ella has started to Yodel, something she picked up in a cartoon. It's hysterical. Next week I go to Orlando for work for 2 days, but all work, no play :( We will be taking a family trip to KY to see Stephen's Dad in 2 weeks and then we are off to the beach for a week. I am really looking forward to that!!!