Friday, August 24, 2007

More Vacation Photos

Vacation Time

Well I can hardly believe that it is almost September and I have not posted since July. Time just gets away from me so fast. We are all doing fine. We are still working on the baby thing and so far nothing to report. This is my last month on Clomid and we will have to talk to the Dr. to see what the next step will be. A lot of what we can do will depend on the cost and what insurance covers. So we are praying that we will have options to think about after Clomid, and if we don't then for God to give us peace and to be grateful for eachother and for Ella. It has been HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!! The last few weeks we have been from 96 to 105 degrees. We are ready for it to cool down! Stephen works outside and the air conditioner in his car just went out this month so I really feel for him! Ella is doing great. We all went to the Carolina beach with my parents a few weeks ago (thankfully 1 week before the heat wave hit). Ella LOVED the beach. The firt time she saw it her eyes got big and she just looked up and down the ocean and beach and just put her hand up to her mouth in total amazement. It made me think that I bet that's what we look like the first moment we see heaven! We took her down to the water and she would jump over the waves and splash around, by the third day she was riding waves in on a boogie board. No fear in her at all. We mostly stayed at the beach but we did go to the aquarium and then to South Port one day. All too soon the week was over and it was time to come home. We all needed the break but it was nice to get back to our own bed too. Well, on to some new things for me.....I am coaching Upward Soccer this year at Holston Creek Church. I have a K4-K5 league called the Fire Balls and that sums up the personality of my team. We have had a couple of practices and will start our games this Saturday. It is a lot of fun! I have posted some recent photos.

Holly Howard